Raz Ben Ari

Augmented Reality Tour Germany 2013
10.10.2013 - 20.10.2013


Raz Ben Ari

Raz Ben Ari (born March 30, 1987 in Haifa, Israel) is a musician and guitarist best known for his personal YouTube channel. By January 2011, his channel had reached a total of over 1,000,000 views. His first ever original piece has bought him worldwide recognition, getting over 100,000 hits in one week, and being featured on major sites all over the web, including CollegeHumor.com, TheDailyWhat, Metal Hammer, and MetalSucks.net, among countless other news sites, blogs and discussion boards.


The Band

Joao Colaco (Portugal)

Joao Andre Gaspar Colaco (August 30th, 1988) is a Drummer, Teacher, Composer and Booking Agent from PORTUGAL. His first musical manifestation came up at the age of six, and since then, Joao never stopped working and fight for his place in music’s world. Majored in Psychology and Music, Joao Colaco has been working with many different national and international musicians and projects, and also with many different schools as music teacher and drum teacher. Joao has played in Germany with the famous "Felix Martin Trio". His portoguese Band "Rage of Angels" featuring many renouned musicians such as Ged Rylands and Ralf Scheepers has recently released the self titled album on Escape Music.


Freddy Schartl (Germany)

Freddy Schartl is an highly ambitioned bass player, teacher and Booking Agent from Würzburg/GERMANY, who's musician career went through several bands and different musical styles within and beyond the metal scene. His universal ability lets him be a stable base whether it is on contrabass in Big Bands, tight and groovy radio pop with Q.AGE, stable 8th-style Power Metal Bass Power at Metalforce, 16th-style Black Metal with Apokrypha and several Prog Metal experiences such as Sonic Wall.


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